1. tidy, trim, orderly, well-ordered, in good order, shipshape, Naut.Bristol fashion, Naut. shipshape and Bristol fashion, Chiefly Dial. tight, Chiefly Brit. trig, Inf. apple-pie, Inf. neat as a pin; clean, clean-cut, well-groomed; spruce, smart, sleek, natty, smug, Inf. slick, Brit. Inf. dinky, Archaic. tricksy.
2. simple, plain, unadorned, unvarnished, unorna-mented; homey, homely, homespun, unpretentious, unassuming.
3. epigrammatic, pithy, witty, attic; felicitous, happy, apt, well-put, well-expressed, well-said.
4. well-planned, well-designed, well-devised, well-contrived, well-laid, well-worked-out.
5.Slang. great, wonderful, marvelous, splendid, fine, excellent, grand, capital; All Sl. neato, swell, dandy, Jimdandy, keen, peachy-keen, nifty, spiffy, out-of-sight, out-of-this-world, gear, something else, farout, boss, tough, heavy, bad, groovy, cool, marvy, fab, A-OK.
6. clever, ingenious, resourceful, daedal; deft, adept, adroit, apt, dexterous, handy, skillful.
7.(all of liquor) straight, straight-up, unmixed, undiluted, unwatered, unblended, uncut, unadulterated, pure.
8. smartly, sprucely, nattily, trimly, sleekly, neatly, Inf. slickly.
9. skillfully, expertly, adroitly, adeptly, dexterously, deftly, handily, aptly; cleverly, ingeniously, resourcefully.

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